In our increasingly open culture, strip clubs have become a rite of passage for men. They’re no longer something looked down upon entirely, and they’re a regular stop on the bachelor party express. Nearly every adult male has been at least once if you ask their wives – more than that if you ask them.

But often strippers become a part of the “man” business culture. While away on business trips, men will make it an even getting private lap dances (cheating in my book!). So when does it cross the line from hobby to full-blown strip club addiction?

There are many signs and red flags that indicate you may have a stripper. See the following to see if you fit the bill:

  • If you’re going out of the way to go to a strip club, or visit a particular stripper on their shift, or if you’re planning your schedule or work trips around possible strip visits, you may have a stripper addiction.
  • If you’re spending more money than you do on food in a week on just one trip to you have a stripper.
  • If you regularly get lap dances, cheating on a loving wife or significant other despite consequences, you have a stripper addiction.
  • If you are known by name at your local strip club, or know any of the dancer’s names or schedules, you have a stripper addiction.
  • If your local strip club knows your drink order by heart or you have a certain regular seat, you have a stripper or strip club addiction.
  • If you’re embarrassed to tell your male friends the whole truth regarding the amount of time and money you spend at you definitely have a stripper.

All of these things indicate a strong chance that you have an addiction to the stripper life. But more than likely, you already know you’re addicting. When you’re spending more time getting lap dances, cheating, and watching other women dance in the nude, than you are with your wife or family, then chances are you know.

The people in your life probably do too. It’s apparent – and people notice. Make a change before you hurt those you love.

Here’s what to do to get help for a stripper addiction:

  • See an addiction counselor or a psychologist to discuss your issues.
  • Avoid familiar patterns.
  • Change your schedule.
  • Do whatever you need to do to keep busy and avoid the strip club scene.
  • Put money in savings (don’t carry cash.)
  • Be open and honest with your loved ones about your problem. They can help support you.

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