Is stripping worth the money? Stripping can be a great way to make money, but you have to know to do it. How can a stripper ensure that she will make money in this risky business? What exactly does a stripper need to do to make this career a lucrative one?

Keep Yourself in Shape

Stripper makes money by using her body. It is important that someone in the stripping business keeps her body in great condition.

Make sure you workout, doing cardio and weight training at least three times a week to keep your body in top form.

Dancing is a great workout, but in order to have the stamina to dance night after night, a stripper must be in the shape to do so. Working out is beneficial to anyone in this specific type of business.

Be friendly

Making money stripping can happen, and the friendlier you are the better. Don’t get too friendly, because this can send someone mixed messages, which may result in a customer becoming a bit too “touchy”.

When dancing, make sure you smile and make eye contact with the customers you are entertaining. Customers will notice if you appear to be distracted or uncomfortable while on stage. The more relaxed and friendly you look, the more that customers will respond with money.

Work the Room

Walk around and talk with the clientele you are dancing for. Sit down and talk to the customers. Make each person feel important while there. If someone appears shy, try using your skills to loosen him up.

The point is, the more you make each person in the club feel special, the more money you can potentially earn.

There is nothing wrong with making a customer feel good about himself (or herself). Money can be made from doing this. Don’t make promises to the customers in hopes of making money, just be great at making everyone feel good while there.

They may be willing to give you extra cash when performing. Customers may even want to pay you to sit and talk to them at their table. The more welcoming you are the better!

Private Dancing

Many strip clubs offer areas where strippers are available to give private dances for customers. You can charge a set fee for different types of dancing in this type of setting.

There is good money to be made doing private dances like this. Make sure to get paid before you perform your private dance and explain the rules you expect the customer to follow when you are performing. Giving private dances can be very lucrative for a stripper.

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