Being a stripper requires a different wardrobe than most professions. The following article will discuss what type of things a stripper needs to present a perfect image.

Let’s face it, stripper need to be dressed in the proper attire to entertain the masses that flock to watch them perform.

The stripping requires the dancer to be scantily clad but remain tasteful. The following are items that strippers need to put on a show.

Stripper Accessories:

Thong Underwear:

A stripper needs thong underwear. Don’t expect to try to wear sexy regular cut panties; that won’t work when stripping. Besides, no one comes to watch a stripper move around wearing sexy regular panties.
A thong is a must in this type of profession! Black is a good color to purchase thongs in because black can be very forgiving and it will hide certain things under the bright lights of the stage.


Strippers need to not only dance in a sexy thong, but they also need heels. 3 inches is a good height for this type of dancing. Not too high that you can’t move, but yet high enough that your legs look sexy while moving around the stage.

Wearing open roed high heels are even better, as you can show off sexy painted toenails and a nice pedicure!


While the purpose of stripping is to remove clothing, strippers need to wear some sort of dress over her thong.
Many strip clubs have a code for what types of dresses their dancers can wear.
However, a majority of exotic dancers prefer to wear spandex micro-minis.


It is important that strippers need to learn the art of applying makeup. Too much makeup and the lights can cause a dancer to look washed out.
It is also important that strippers learn to cover body blemishes.
People don’t want to watch someone dance who has several imperfections throughout her body.

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