Strip Club Myths And Facts

A strip club is a place where men can be men, and this often means devolving to a semi-caveman state. They can watch girls dance, wave dollars in the air and generally act like fools. Society doesn’t allow this regularly, so it’s a place for them to let off steam. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions about what goes on there, so let’s clear them up.

Myth – Only Weird, Sleazy Guys Go to Strip Clubs

Fact: Guys from all walks of life enjoy going to the strip club. In fact, there are some specific “types” that you always see hanging around there. There are the regulars who know all the girls and probably dream that one of them is going to marry him someday. There are sleazy, desperate losers too.

But there are also lots of guys blowing off steam after a long work-week. These are basically bars with an added bonus. Lots of guys visit them for some male bonding time; after all, you’re not likely to bring along wives and girlfriends!

Myth – Guys Go to The Strip Club to Pick up Girls

Fact: This is one of the most misguided strip club myths. Anybody who has ever gone to a strip club knows that the women there aren’t into the guys who are hooting and hollering at her. She’s into the money; this is her job. No guy is going to pick up a girl there, but what they might get is a little bit of attention from a stripper.

At most clubs, the girls walk around and chat to the guys, and this is one of the things that makes it fun. Just remember that she’s doing it because it’s her job; don’t expect to come home with a stripper’s phone number.

Myth – The Strip Club Offers “Other Services”

Fact: It might disappoint the sleazier type of guys to know this, but these places are not brothels in disguise. The idea that they’re offering “other service” in the back probably comes from the old days, when these clubs were much shadier than they are today. There might be some extremely low-end places in bad parts of town where they’re doing things like this, but those aren’t the places you’d be caught dead in any way.

They have strict rules about what the girls can and can’t do; they have even stricter rules for what the guys do, like the no touching rule.

Myth – a Strip Club Trip Is Something to Hide From Your Girlfriend
Fact: This myth may be true, depending on the character of your girlfriend. But actually, the strip club offers no threat at all to a healthy relationship. It’s just a place for guys to bond together and look at women freely (you can’t do it usually!).

If a guy likes to go there, it’s not a sign that he’s cheating or unhappy in the relationship. It’s just the way he and his friends hang out. However, if you’re thinking of telling your girlfriend that this is what you do, you should proceed with caution and keep in mind that women can be jealous.

There’s nothing weird, shady, sleazy or unusual about a guy going to a strip club. Lots of guys go there for a night out with the boys and these days, there’s nothing weird about it. These myths and misconceptions are disappearing as more and more people learn what they’re all about.


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  1. What a bullshit article. Let me clear something up for you: The only type of males that go to strip clubs are socially awkward males. I’m not even going to dignify them by calling them men. They are too socially inept to speak to a member of the opposite sex let alone form a relationship with them. So instead they go to these filthy whore houses in order to validate their pathetic masculinity and pay women to pretend that they are interested in them. They’re too stupid to realize that at the end of the day a strip club is a business and the strippers are only interested in taking every penny they can from the losers that go there.

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